What We Do And How We Can Help


What We Do And How We Can Help

By Joel Rieck

When it comes to your money, a one-size-fits-all formula or product won’t work for you. Your life, your goals, and your worries are unique to you and need a unique plan to give you the financial confidence and peace of mind you long for. But that probably seems easier said than done, right? 

That’s where we come in. At Northland Financial, we are passionate about giving you the guidance, tools, and services necessary to prepare and secure your finances, both for today and the future. 

How We Work

At Northland Financial, we put you first, offering a broad menu of policies and plans tailor-made to meet your specific goals and needs. We strive to be your shoulder to lean on, carrying the burden of financial management so you can focus on what you love most. 

Our mission is simple but powerful: to serve individuals and couples in all areas of retirement planning. We provide customized financial strategies to help you achieve long-term goals and keep your family’s future protected. We make this a reality by building a foundation of understanding first and foremost. We don’t look at numbers or products until we get to know you, your dreams, fears, challenges, and opportunities. Our attention to detail allows us to provide a clear and direct solution to help you avoid unnecessary risks and reach your goals.

How We Can Help You

While we serve a broad range of clients, we specialize in serving retirees and pre-retirees who want to build a solid retirement plan. Regardless of their profession or background, our clients have some things in common, such as wanting to avoid running out of money in retirement and a desire to plan for contingencies like rising healthcare costs.

That’s why our service offering is tailored to the specific needs of this group. We focus on Social Security strategies, Medicare planning, and long-term care insurance options on top of income planning, investment management, and tax planning, to name a few. With us, your bases are covered. 

The Northland Financial Difference

You don’t have to look hard to find a financial advisor, but it may be more difficult than you think to find one who will put you first and make sure you are fully prepared for the future. We believe there are a number of reasons why our clients choose to work for us. For one, we build close, personal relationships with our clients based on trust and transparency. We act in their best interests and they know it. Secondly, we provide a sense of peace. Lack of financial planning can cause plenty of anxiety, but we strive to instill confidence through a stable and thorough plan for the future, no matter what the markets do. Our clients know we have the education, background, and experience to be a committed, reliable partner on their financial journey.

Our Goal For You

More than anything else, we want you to live a fulfilling life in retirement where the only thing you lack is worry. If you’re ready to take the next step, schedule a complimentary consultation by calling 480-561-6161 or emailing info@northlandfinancialllc.com.

About Joel

Joel Rieck is president and founder of Northland Financial, LLC. He specializes in helping and educating the public on planning their retirement and managing risks. He assists individuals with retirement income planning, Medicare, Social Security, life insurance, IRAs, and asset management. Joel is a certified National Social Security Advisor (NSSA®) as well as a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor (CRPC®). He holds a Series 65 securities license as well as life, health, property, and casualty insurance licenses, and is a registered Investment Advisor Representative with the SEC. Joel holds a deep commitment to service, communication, and integrity. To learn more about Joel, connect with him on LinkedIn.